Ash Samadi started his racing career in 2000 and holds an International Circuit Racing license.

Ash's first national category race came after a string of club and state events. In 2001 he entered in the MGF Trophy Cup and continued in the category until the completion of the 2003 season.

• In 2003 Samadi also entered the Bathurst Two Hour challenges where he secured a second place. He then went on to compete in the Bathurst 24 Hour Endurance event, finishing with another second place in Class E.

• In 2004, for the first time, Ash entered the Porsche Carrera Cup, the fastest one make series in the world. During the three seasons which Ash competed between 2004 and 2006 in the Porsche, he had 11 podium places in the Tag Heuer Challenge.

• In 2005, he won the season's 'Hard Charger Award' -a prize for the driver who passes the highest number of cars for the season.

• In 2007, for the first time Ash tried his skills at the wheel of a V8 Supercar at the development series. He fought a hard competition up to the sixth position before retiring from the race with a mechanical issue.

• In 2008, responding to an offer from Astutti Motorsport, Ash went in a different direction to production based racing, taking on to the track in Dallara-Renault F3 in the Formula Three category. He took out the second position in the Australian Formula Three Series on his debut at Oran Park.

• In 2010, after couple of years of brake from motor-sport, Ash Samadi re-entered his familiar ground of GT racing in a new Mosler MT900 GT3. In his new challenge he has joined the elite Australian GT Category for the first time in his career, with strong results for the first season.

• In 2011, Ash, with his team manager, Mick Mitchell, who led him in their Carrera Cup campaign, has proven to be one of the most formidable contenders of the championship. Their season showed great promise at the early stage, yet despite a few unfortunate round results in the mid-season, they have claimed an impressive overall 4th position, by the seasons end.

• In 2013 after one season rest, Ash returned with his Mosler to content the Production Sports Endurance rounds. Winning both first and second rounds of Bathurst and Wakefield.

• He has also completed a few rounds In Radical Cup with a V8 powered SR8, where he has finished second in every round which he has completed.

For 2014, Ash returned to Carrera Cup once again as part of the new outfit, RAW Racing, led by the former V8 contender and young talent, Garth Walden.